10 простых диалогов на английском языке

10 простых диалогов на английском языке

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Диалог №1

— Is your house big, Anna?

— No, my house isn’t very big. We’ve got 3 rooms and a kitchen in it.

— It’s great! What have you got in your bedroom?

— My room is nice. I’ve got a bed, a table and a new computer on it and some posters on the walls. My room has got yellow walls and a green carpet.

— Have you got a TV in your room?

— No, I haven’t. It’s in the sitting room.

— Have you got any pets in the house?

— Yes, we have got two cats. One is black, another is red.

Диалог №2 “My favourite season” – «Мое любимое время года»

— What’s your favourite season, Mark?

— My favourite season is summer.

— What do you usually do in summer?

— I go to the beach with my friends and walk around the city.

— What is your city like in summer?

— It’s very green and nice in summer. And there are a lot of tourists here.

— OK. And do you like winter?

— Oh, no. I don’t like cold weather. I prefer warm and hot weather.

Диалог №3 “At the Zoo” (There was/There were) – «В зоопарке»

— Where were you on Sunday? Were you at home?

— No, I wasn’t. I was at the Zoo with my sister.

— What was it like?

— It was great! There were lots of people and children there. And the weather was nice.

— Were there many animals at the Zoo?

— Yes. There were a lot of wild animals in the cages: lions, tigers, elephants, monkeys, wolves, foxes, bears and giraffes.

Диалог №4 “Travelling” (Present Continuous) – «Путешествие»

— Look! I’ve got a new photo here.

— It’s nice. Where are you here?

— We are travelling in France.

— What are you doing here?

— We are sightseeing in Paris and visiting the Eiffel Tower. We like historic places and interesting museums.

— It’s great!  Is it raining?

— Yes, it is. And we are wearing raincoats.

— What is your brother doing?

— He is talking on the phone.

— What is he wearing?

— He is wearing new jeans and a T-shirt.

 Диалог №5  “My free time” (Present Simple) – «Мое свободное время»

— What do you do in your free time?

— I like watching films and surfing the Internet.

— What films do you watch?

— Action films and comedies.

— Do you use the computer every day?

— Yes, I do. I play computer games there and listen to music.

— And what sports do you play?

— Volleyball and tennis. And I am also good at swimming.

— How often do you go swimming?

— Once or twice a week.

Диалог №6 “At school” – «В школе»

— Are you in the fifth form, Lena?

— Yes, I am.

— How many pupils are there in your class?

— There are 18 girls and 10 boys in our class.

— How many new subjects do you study this year?

— We have Geography, Biology, History and Information Technology in our timetable.

— When does your first lesson start?

— It starts at half past eight in the morning.

— How many lessons did you have today?

— I had six lessons.

— Are you tired?

— Yes, a little. And I’ve got much homework to do.

— Does anybody help you to do your homework?

— My dad usually helps me when I ask him.

— Do you get good or bad marks at school?

— I always get good and excellent marks.

Диалог №7 «My favourite subject” – «Мой любимый предмет»

— What is your favourite subject at school, Sam?

— My favourite subject is Literature. I think it’s very interesting and I really enjoy it.

— Do you learn any poems by heart?

— Yes, we learn many nice poems at home and then we recite them at the lesson.

— And what else do you do at the lessons?

— We read books and stories, discuss different problems and write compositions.

— Do you like your teacher?

— Yes, we like her very much. Our teacher is great.

Диалог №8 “Future plans” (going to) – «Планы на будущее»

— What are you going to do during your summer holidays?

— I am going to travel with my brother.

— Will you go to the seaside?

— No, we are going to visit Great Britain. I want to study English there. And then we are going to invite my English friend to Russia too.

— Nice idea!

— What about you? You are going to a summer camp, aren’t you?

— Yes, I would like to go there in June and then I want to visit my grandparents in the country.

— Are you going to help them grow vegetables and fruit there?

— Yes, I am.

— How nice of you!

— And I am going to sunbathe and learn to swim and sail in the river.

Диалог №9 “Travelling” – «Путешествие»

—  Hello, Fred! I haven’t seen you for ages. Where did you spend your holiday?

—  Hello, Mary! I went to Great Britain, to London.

—  Oh, it’s great! Who did you go to London with?

—  I went there with my parents.

— Did you stay in a hotel?

— Yes, it was a 4-star hotel in the centre of London.

—  What places of interest did you visit?

—  We visited the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, the London Eye and Westminster Abbey.

—  What about the British people? They are friendly, aren’t they?

—  Yes. They were very friendly and polite. I made friends with one boy there.     

—  What was the weather like? They say it often rains in Britain.

—  The weather was sunny and warm. We went shopping and had a good time there.

Диалог №10 «Family and jobs” – «Семья и профессии»

— What is your family like, Tom?

— I have a big family and we are very close.

— What are your parents’ jobs?

— My Dad is a lawyer and my Mum is a dentist.

— And what are you going to be?

— I would like to be a fireman or a vet. I want to help people or animals.

— Can you describe your character?

— I am sociable, brave and I have a sense of humour.

— Have you got any brothers or sisters?

— I have a younger sister. She is 5 years old.

— Do you get on well with her?

— Yes, I love my sister. She is beautiful and bright. But sometimes she is very noisy and naughty.

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